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EAGLES 2019 PROVINCIALS - May 5, 6 & 7th 2023
Men's Singles:
1st:  Howard Brazil
2nd: Rod Pilmer
J-3rd:  Roy White
J-3rd:  Terry White
Ladies Singles:
1st:  Diane Peain
2nd: Sharon Sanford
Jnt 3rd: Shelly Lewis
Jnt 3rd: Stephanie Ponak

Men's Doubles:
1st:  Trevor Davison & Howard Brazil
2nd:  Roy White & Lou Acorn
J-3rd:  Ernie Vogt & Wes Loberg
J-3rd:  Rod Pilmer & John Roud

Ladies Doubles
1st:  Diane Peain & Wendy Acorn
2nd: Stephanie Ponak & Shelly Lewis
3rd:  Sharon Sanford & Paddy Edwards
Team Game:
Men's 1st:  Ernie Vogt, Joe Plouffe, Renee Paquette, Wes Loberg
Women's 1st:  Maureen Girard, Angie Rahn, Stephanie Ponak, Shelly Lewis
Blind Draw Doubles:
1st:  Joe Plouffe & Shelly Lewis
2nd: Wes Loberg & Shane Zomar
J-3rd:  Lou Acord & Tim Wiege
J-3rd:  Diane Peain & John McGhee
Most Sportsmanlike:
Female:  Shelly Lewis
Male:  John McGhee

Cross League Challenge results:
1st:  Kevin Goodfellow
2nd:  Jeff McCullough
3rd: Howard Brazil
4th:  Esmarch Ayugat
Team Element:
1st:   Fraser Valley - 191 Pts
2nd:  Richmond - 146 Pts
3rd:  Kamloops - 113 Pts
4th:  Port Alberni - 104 Pts

FV LEAGUE SINGLES - March 9, 2023

Men's 1st Place - Terry White
Men's 2nd Place - Jeff Ponak
Men's Jnt 3rd - John McGhee, Ernie Vogt
Women's 1st Place - Tracey Berkholtz
Women's 2nd Place - Maureen Girard
Women's Jnt 3rd - Shelly Matus, Terry Arnett

Snowball & 50/50:
Snowball Winner: Jeff Ponak with a 90
50/50 Winner:  Peggy (Eagles Member)

FV LEAGUE DOUBLES - December 8, 2022      

1st Place - Ernie Vogt, Renee Paquette
2nd Place - Amarjit Jhaj & John McGhee
3rd Place - Bill Wickenheiser & Terry White, Paul Funk & Rick Allen
Snowball & 50/50:
Snowball Winner: Amarjit Jhaj with a 96
50/50 Winner:  Shelly Lewis

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