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2012/13 Results

 2012/2013 Fraser Valley Dart Results

SINGLES - March 21st, 2013
Division A
1. Amarjit Jhaj
2. Rob Irvine
T3. Kris Ramey
T3. Kim Bellay

Division B Men
1. Bill Austin
2. David Crate
T3. Robert Brodeur
T3. Gilles Brodeur

Division B Women
1. Kirsten Brodeur
2. Lorana Woods
T3. Ashley Smith
T3. Mary Thompson

MIXED DOUGLES - February 17th, 2013
1. Kris Ramey & Ashley Smith
2. Gilles Brodeur & Kirsten Brodeur
T3. Ernie Vogt & Jeanette Atherton
T3. Rob & Sheryl

DOUBLES - January 17th, 2013
Division A 
1. Rob Irvine, Murray Short
2. Brad Laffin, Renee Paquette
T3. Kris Ramey, Mark Holmes
T3. Ernie Vogt, James Moralee
Division B
1. Scott Dahl, Bill Austin
2. Kirsten Brodeur, Gilles Brodeur
T3. Peter Brodeur, Robert Brodeur
T3. Arie Selles, Joyce Laffin

Annual Turkey Shoot - December 9th, 2012
1. Paul Funk / Nicole Giguere - large turkey and large ham
2. Kris Ramey / Lorana Woods - medium turkey and medium ham
3. Rob Irvine / Andy Davies - small turkey and small ham

TRIPLES - November 8th, 2012
Division A
1. Ernie Vogt, James Moralee, Renee Paquette
2. Kris Ramey, Mark Holmes, Amarjit Jhaj
T3. Randy Goliath, Wes Loberg, Alan Dorcas
T3. Doug Hauser, Murray Short, Brian Rickaby
Division B
1. Peter Brodeur, Robert Brodeur, Gilles Brodeur
2. Ashley Smith, Kevin Hefferland, Deb Rickaby
3. Matt Morrison, Greg Syndal, Mark Morrison.

Captain & Co-Captain Fun Shoot - Thursday September 13th, 2012
1. High Flyers - Ernie Vogt & James Moralee
2. Floaters - Al Livesey & Todd Breen
T-3. Is It In - Kris Ramey & Mark Holmes
T-3. Bullseye Boozers - Brad Laffin & Bob Rousselle

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